Universal Pullers
& Nip Roller Jaws

The Universal Puller can remove T posts from any sort of ground, including fractured rock and does it without bending your posts.

It works by gripping any edge of the T post using it’s roller jaws, which allows you to grab the post at the bottom without having to bend down to engage the jaws. 

The puller can also be adapted to pull out other types of posts by changing over the T post roller jaw with additional jaws designed for steel pipe and many others. 

This amazing tool has 6,000 pounds of straight up pulling power.

Demonstrating one of out pullers

Universal Puller

Nip Roller Jaws

Nip Roller Jaws

  • Specifically developed to pull posts out straight for reuse
  • Pulls out any post with an edge for example all kinds of "Y", "T", roadside reflector, vineyard and trellising posts
  • Most post are extracted with 1-2 tons which can be applied with the weight of one person
  • You can apply up to 3 tons of pull to a post with two people
  • The nip roller jaws are designed to grab the post – the harder you pull, the harder they grab
  • The nip rollers can be index to use in 8 different positions extending the life of the tool dramatically
  • The nip rollers and pins are all made out of high tensile steel and heat treated
  • The nip roller jaws can grab from 1mm through to 8mm thick steel in the standard arrangement
  • Specialized backing plates are available to extend the grab of the nip rollers to 30mm through to 50mm thick steel

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Universal Pullers & Nip Roller Jaws